A flirt pole is an exercise tool you can use with your dog in a variety of ways. It can provide exercise, help with impulse control, and even improve your bond and communication with your dog! Most flirt poles are between 3-5 feet long, with smaller ones also being available for indoor use.

You can purchase a flirt pole here: https://southenddogtraining.co.uk/services/training-classes/equipment/flirt-pole/

Or a heavy-duty one for bigger dogs here: https://southenddogtraining.co.uk/shop/training-equipment/flirt-pole-heavy-duty-strong/

*Warning* DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS IF YOUR DOG DOES NOT UNDERSTAND PRESSURE AND RELEASE – if you do not know what this is, please join our online training group, improper use of tools can be detrimental to your dog.

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