Raw Dog Treats

Natural dog treats that will engage your pet's instincts and improve their health.

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Southend Dog Training offers naturally grain-free dog treats designed to enhance your dog’s raw diet. When paired with our raw dog food, these natural treats are a fantastic way to improve your dog’s physical and emotional health, keep their teeth clean and limit weight gain.

Raw bones from the feet, trachea, legs and necks of other animals can encourage your dog’s natural gnawing instincts and are free from artificial colours, preservatives and additives.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All raw dog treats MUST be purchased with a minimum of 5kg of raw dog food.

Dogs love to gnaw on bones, and that’s why we’ve created a selection of natural bones and treats for your dog to crunch on. Each pack comes with enough raw dog treats to keep them happy and healthy for several days.

If you’re feeding your dog a raw diet, then you might not be seeing all the benefits if you’re still giving them cooked treats made with animal derivatives and grains. Our natural dog treats are the perfect alternative, and we recommend feeding them to all dogs over the age of 12 weeks.


When it comes to the benefits of raw dog treats, we could go on forever! There are so many reasons why raw dog treats are a great solution for dog owners, including:

  • Natural ingredients mean you know what’s in them.
  • Raw treats offer a variety of tastes and textures for dogs.
  • Eating raw bones helps engage your dog’s natural instincts.
  • Raw treats come with numerous health benefits, including healthier teeth, glossier fur, less chance of obesity and better digestive health.
  • Bones and other raw treats give your dog something to chew on that’s not your furniture!
  • Some raw dog treats act as natural wormers.
  • And the biggest one: Every dog loves natural dog treats!

Dog treats are supposed to be just that: something different that your dog enjoys eating. Bland biscuits aren’t a real reward, so you need to find something tasty to tempt your pup.

For a high-value dog treat, you need to try our selection. Our natural dog treats are the perfect addition to a raw diet for dogs of all ages and breeds.


Raw dog treats from Southend Dog Training are designed to complement our raw dog food range, which is why we’ve taken the time to source only the highest-quality natural ingredients for our products.

We’re always adding new raw dog treat options to our range so you can find something new your dog will love. If you’re not sure about keeping raw meat in your pocket and are looking for a more convenient, portable dog treat option, consider our cold pressed kibbles. Our treat pack is specifically designed to be your go-to training treat for when you’re out and about.

At your house, you can let your dog go back to nature and improve their health with our raw dog treats. Natural dog treats like duck feet and beef trachea can be high-value rewards, so they’re a great training aid for when you’re at home or teaching an important behaviour.


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