Clicker Click Dog Training

SDT dog training clicker front view
Dog training clicker back view
dog training clicker front view
dog training clicker back view

Unlock the potential of your dog’s learning with our scientifically designed Dog Training Clicker. Experience the joy of the “happy training method” without the need for force or punishment. The clicker produces a clear sound effortlessly, ensuring effective communication between you and your furry friend.



Experience the benefits of our Dog Training Clicker, featuring a clear and distinct sound easily produced with a large button for precise communication. Embrace the “happy training method” through our Rake Training approach, eliminating the need for coercion. This method allows you to effortlessly and quickly teach your dog various tricks without force, ensuring a positive and enjoyable training experience for you and your furry friend.



Our Dog Training Clicker boasts durability with its construction from rust-resistant ABS plastic and a stainless steel ring piece, ensuring a long-lasting training companion. The matte surface and anti-skid design provide a comfortable and secure grip, facilitating ease of use during training sessions. Designed with versatility in mind, its ergonomic water droplet shape accommodates all palm sizes, allowing for effortless control. An elastic wrist strap also minimises the risk of accidental drops, ensuring convenient and secure portability throughout your training sessions.



Our versatile Dog Training Clicker goes beyond dog training, extending its effectiveness to various animals, including cats, birds, chickens, sheep, and even mice. As an essential tool for pet training across species, this clicker enables you to foster effective communication and build a happy and trusting bond with your pets. Its adaptability makes it a valuable asset for enhancing the training experience and strengthening the connection with a diverse range of animal companions.

Weight .08 kg
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 4 cm

Experience the convenience of our swift delivery service via UK Royal Mail 1st Class. We prioritise getting your Dog Training Clicker to you as quickly as possible, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.


UK Royal Mail 1st Class: Expect your order within 1-2 working days.

Demonstrate to your dog the functionality and purpose of the clicker. Establish a positive association by clicking and immediately following it with a rewarding treat or positive reinforcement.


Incorporate the dog training clicker into your training routine by introducing it whenever your dog exhibits positive behaviour. For instance, if your dog performs a sit on command, click at that exact moment and promptly reward them.


Make clicker training an integral part of your dogs training sessions. Utilise it consistently to mark and celebrate good behaviour, fostering a clearer understanding for your dog.



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