Dog Supplements

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Much like humans, dogs need supplements to enhance their diet and help them deal with specific health issues, such as digestion, skin or joint problems. Southend Dog Training has worked with experts in dog nutrition and health to create a range of supplements for all dogs.

Our dog supplements are beneficial for dogs of all ages, ranging from young puppies that need nutritional support to grow to senior dogs with arthritic joints and digestive issues. Whatever your dog’s age and breed, we have the dog supplement to suit them and improve their overall health.

While dog supplements can’t cure health conditions, they can help to support your dog’s wellbeing and reduce symptoms such as joint stiffness, anxiety, skin irritation and more. High-quality supplements from Southend Dog Training can keep your dog’s coat healthy and protect their immune system, reducing the chances of them dealing with health issues as they age.

Our dog supplement range is designed to support each dog’s individual needs, and each specific supplement can be combined with other products to create the perfect nutritional regime. We take your dog’s health seriously, which is why we’ve created a selection of natural supplements for dogs that can support them as they age and allow them to live their best life.

For dog owners with multiple pets, we also offer cat supplements to keep your feline friend as healthy as your canine companion. Our aim is to provide the best dog supplements and pet care products on the market, because we know that health and wellbeing play a key role in dog training and behaviour.

Dog supplements are designed to complement your dog’s diet and provide additional vitamins and minerals that your dog requires. Supplements aren’t a substitute for a balanced diet, which is why we also provide raw dog food and cold pressed dog food products.

Dog Supplements FAQs

While you might think that a balanced diet is all your dog needs, they might not be getting all the vitamins and nutrients they require to live a long, healthy life. Because every dog is different and has unique nutritional needs, supplements can be an ideal way to ensure they get everything they require to maintain their health and wellbeing at any age.

All of our dog supplements are made with pet-safe ingredients and created by experts to ensure they are completely suitable for dogs to ingest. As long as you follow the recommendations on the package, your dog should be able to enjoy the added nutritional support safely. If you’re unsure about giving your dog supplements, then please consult your vet.

Human supplements are not recommended for dogs, as people are much larger and have different dietary needs. Supplements formulated for humans can be toxic for dogs and often haven’t been tested on them, so they are likely to cause adverse reactions. To be safe, choose Southend Dog Training’s specially-created dog supplements.

The type of supplements your dog needs depends on their age, diet, current state of health and other factors. Older dogs may benefit from glucosamine to treat joint issues, while dogs that suffer from anxiety might need calming dog supplements. Some breeds are predisposed to certain ailments, such as arthritis or digestion issues, and these can be managed with the help of natural dog supplements like ours.