We’re a global team of passionate dog lovers striving to make a difference in the lives of owners and their dogs around the world.

Adam training a dog


To help as many people around the world as possible with caring for and training their dogs. Every aspect of our business revolves around this focus. That’s why we offer free videos on our social media platforms. For those who need bespoke training or more in-depth insight, we also provide a membership platform for direct access to our trainers. Alongside training, we’ve also expanded into raw dog food, grooming, training equipment and dog supplements to keep every dog healthy and happy throughout their lives.


Southend Dog Training’s story began in 2012 when Adam Spivey started training dogs and sharing his insights on social media. His no-nonsense approach and aversion to BS were a big hit, and he quickly grew an online following.

Then, in December 2019, Adam was called out to help Evan Norfolk with his dog. The pair quickly bonded over their mutual love of dogs, and together, they worked on building the brand.

During the pandemic, Adam focused on using TikTok to spread the word about his methods and teach dog owners how to raise their dogs. As dog ownership rose, Adam realised that he needed to offer more in-depth support, which is why he and Evan decided to launch a membership platform.

Membership was a big success, and the pair welcomed many new dog owners to their community, even offering gift vouchers for membership, which make ideal presents for dog lovers. The platform was a core focus for Adam and Evan, and they launched an app version in 2023 to help owners take a dog trainer everywhere they go.

As the online community grew, so did the business. Adam needed help to share his knowledge, so he started bringing on more like-minded dog trainers and teaching them how to use his methods.

He and Evan also added Southend Dog Grooming and walking services, then branched out further into raw dog food. The aim is, and always has been, to offer a complete service for dog owners. SDT also wants to make dog ownership fun, which is why we have merch with Adam’s signature phrases on it!

Whatever you need, Southend Dog Training has it. If we don’t- we’ll add it for you!


  • 2012: Adam Starts Sharing His Dog Training Knowledge With The World
  • 2019: Adam Meets Evan And The Two Join Forces
  • 2020: The Southend Dog Training Business Officially Launches!
  • 2021: Adam Appears On My5 TV Show
  • 2022: Adam’s First Book, How To Raise The Perfect Dog Is Published
  • 2023: Southend Dog Training App Launches
  • 2023: Adam’s Second Book, How To Train Your Dog Is Published
  • 2024: Raw Dog Food Trade Accounts Are Offered


Every member of our team who gives dog training advice is fully qualified. They all hold their Certificates for Being a Dog Trainer & Canine Communication Diploma. Southend Dog Training are also a part of the ABDT, an organisation that is fighting to get dog training changed for the better! Get advice from people who genuinely care about you and your dog.

Adam Spivey

ADAM Spivey – Director/Head Trainer

Evan Norfolk

Evan Norfolk – Director

Sam Stevens

Sam Stevens – Admin

Sophie Peacock

Sophie Peacock – Trainer

Aaron Rogers

Aaron Rogers – Trainer

Ben Cook

Ben Cook – Videographer

Gemma Turner

Gemma Turner – Bookings Team

Stephen Bowser

Stephen Bowser – Caretaker

Karen Cartwright

Karen Cartwright – Admin/Trainee