The easier answer is NO.

Now this in many raw feeder circles as one of those things that is quite controversial you’re gonna have people say one thing and then people say another. For me personally I do not see it as being a balanced meal, while the 80/10/10 is a good place to start longer term it will not provide the dog with all the essential nutrients needed.

When we’re looking at the raw diet we are aiming to replicate the ancestral diet so the diet of a wolf in the wild with this in mind there are several ways that we can achieve this.

The raw food diet has been divided into two categories

BARF which stands for Biologically appropriate raw food or bone and raw food.

The barf diet breaks The diet into categories. A balanced version of a barf diet would include 70% muscle meat, 10% raw edible bone, 5% liver, 5% other secreting organs, 7% vegetables 2% seeds and 1% fruits.

The second variation of a raw diet is known as the prey model diet. This classification is broken down into two groups: either whole prey which you’re feeding the whole animal or Franken prey. Yes Franken prey is named after Frankenstein.

So this diet is where you basically take instead of a whole animal pieces of an animal and put that together in order to create the whole prey just like they built Frankenstein.

So going back to how we are trying to replicate what the dogs’ ancestors consumed It would be the most ideal if a whole pre-diet was fed but for many of us that is not possible just simply for the fact that you need to find a variety of Whole prey.

So many will do a combination of the barf diet and adding in whole items like necks wings feet heads when we are able to source that.

Let’s take a look at what is needed to achieve a balance with a 80/10/10 food. It will need vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids.

Then again comes another choice. Some will choose to go the route of getting these vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids through whole foods by adding in vegetables seeds and fruits or adding in supplements.

Our new raw is a fully balanced diet, this takes the work out of it and leaves you with a piece of mind that your dog is getting all of the required nutrients needed all in one meal.

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