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Give your new best friend a great start in life with our raw puppy dog food. Make sure you're feeding the right amount with our raw dog food calculator.

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Feeding your puppy raw dog food can help set them up for a healthy, happy life. A raw diet is free from artificial flavourings, unneeded preservatives and other ingredients that can cause harm to your puppy’s delicate digestive system.

Many kibbles and other dog foods contain flavourings and other additives that aren’t good for your puppy’s growth. It’s also cooked by heating it to a high temperature, which can remove any nutritional value the food had before.

So, once they move on from their mother’s milk and are weaned to solid food, many puppies often struggle to deal with the transition due to the unnatural additions and lack of nutrients in traditional cooked dog food.

Raw puppy food offers young pups the chance to get back to a natural diet of bones, offal, and vegetables. The easily digestible raw meat is great for the early stages of your dog’s life.

Introducing your dog to raw puppy food early can help you boost their immune system, give them a glossy coat, and promote healthy growth.

Once your puppy has grown into an adult dog, you can easily transition them onto adult raw dog food, which is nutrient-dense and aids digestion.

Raw feeding your puppy from the start can also improve their dental health, reduce bad breath and give them strong teeth.

It also tastes delicious, and Southend Dog Training offers a range of puppy meals to choose from, all packed with protein to give them energy and create a nutritious meal your pup will love.


Our raw puppy food contains only natural ingredients designed to promote healthy growth and shiny coats in young dogs of all sizes and breeds.

It’s naturally grain-free, meaning raw puppy food mimics a dog’s natural diet more closely than other dog foods on the market.

Once puppies become adult dogs, they need more food and additional nutrients, which is why we’ve also developed adult raw dog food. As they get older, your dogs can then transition to our senior dog food range.

So, Southend Dog Training has raw diets to suit every stage of your dog’s life, and it all starts with our raw puppy food. Our aim is to improve your dog’s wellbeing to reduce stress and improve your dog’s overall quality of life.

Our raw puppy food is designed not only to benefit your furry friend but also to make your life easier. That’s why we offer flexible payment options and frozen raw dog food that is easy to store in your freezer and defrost in the fridge overnight when needed.


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