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Be careful not to overfeed. Unlike extruded food, Southend Dog Nutrition is carefully and gently pressed and the resulting density means your dog will require almost 30% less food by volume.

When cold pressing, the food is pressed together using temperatures of around 50-65 degrees which helps it stay together without losing the quality.

Pet nutritionists recommend feeding smaller amounts of Southend Dog Nutrition Cold Pressed food in the first few days, and mixed with the previous food. Over a period of about 10 days you can then gradually increase the amount of Southend Dog Nutrition whilst serving less of the old food.

You may notice that your dog is drinking more than usual. This is normal. If you are currently feeding wet food, your dog will already be consuming a large percentage of moisture (80%) in the meal. Southend Dog Nutrition feed contains about 8% moisture so there will be a requirement for more water.

Southend Dog Nutrition Cold Pressed food breaks down easily and can be served mixed with water. Mix with lukewarm water, then allow to sit for about five minutes before stirring. Remember to remove any uneaten food after 20 minutes.

The recommended amount of food per day for an adult dog is approximately 1.2% of bodyweight. In young and very active dogs, the recommended weight can be as much as 2.5% of bodyweight. P

Please note: This is a guide only and factors such as breed, condition and activity must be taken into account.

This is a complete feed for dogs. Monitor your dog’s weight and adjust feeding amounts as required. If unsure, please check with your vet. Remember that access to water must be available at all times!


Approx 12g per kg of body weight

Feeding table, g/day
Dog weightLow activity 
(under 1 hour a day)
Medium activity
(1-2 hours a day)
High activity
(2+ hours a day)
1 kg252933
2 kg424855
3 kg576675
4 kg708193
5 kg8396109
6 kg95110125
7 kg107124141
8 kg118137156
9 kg129150170
10 kg140162184
12 kg160186211
15 kg190219249
20 kg235272309
25 kg278322366
30 kg319369419
35 kg358414471
40 kg396458520
45 kg432500569
50 kg468541615
55 kg502582661
60 kg536621705


g per day

Puppy weight
Small & Medium Breeds0.5kg1kg2kg3kg5kg7kg
Large Breeds10kg15kg20kg25kg30kg35kg

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