Muzzle – Baskerville

Baskerville Anti-Scavenging Dog Muzzle
  • DOGS CAN PANT AND DRINK: The Baskerville Anti Scavenge Muzzle HUMANE DESIGN allows dogs to pant (when hot or stressed) and drink. SUITABLE FOR DAILY WALKS and longer periods of wear.
  • ANTI SCAVENGING GUARD: this muzzle is a specially designed with an additional guard insert to PREVENT SCAVENGING of FOOD and WILDLIFE.
  • IDEAL FOR REACTIVE DOGS: you can TRAIN and REWARD TREAT your dog if they are reactive around other dogs or new people (remove additonal guard insert)
  • VERSATILE & SAFE: with STRONG plastic muzzle basket. SAFE FOR BITE PREVENTION in all situations. Comes with secure and easy use NECK STRAP CLIP attachment.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: PADDED NOSE piece and NO METALWORK ON DOGS FACE. Comes in 10 SIZES for dog owners looking for Small, Medium or Large sized dog muzzles. Ideal for LONGER NOSED DOGS e.g. GREYHOUND.
  • IMPORTANT: It is strongly advised that you measure your dog before purchase, please refer to the size guide