Crumb Pet Tag

Black Crumb Dog Tag

About the Crumb Tag

Are Crumb tags waterproof?

You bet! Crumb tags are made from weatherproof aluminium, making them 100% waterproof.

Do I need an app to use Crumb?

Nope, no app is required. Your pet’s profile will be shown in the web browser of the phone that scans the QR code. This means that anybody with a smartphone can notify you immediately of your missing pet’s location when they scan the Crumb tag.

Is Crumb tag safe?

Absolutely – there are no batteries or electronics used in Crumb tags, so you can rest assured that they’re safe to wear around your pet’s neck.

How do I update my pet’s profile?

Every owner has access to a dashboard where they can easily update their pet’s information. Premium users can also add additional pets from within their dashboard.

How is Crumb tag different from a normal pet tag?

Traditional pet tags are normally engraved with information – sometimes the pet’s name and the address of the owner. It’s impossible to fit all of the information you might want to share with someone who finds your lost pet on a standard tag, but Crumb tag links to a pet profile with everything in one place. Crumb tag also allows you to be instantly notified of your lost pet’s exact location – something a traditional pet tag could never do.

Which pets can wear a Crumb tag?

Dogs and cats are the most popular Crumb tag wearers, but the tag works with any pet that wears a collar.

What information is on the pet profile?

Owners can add their contact information, a secondary contact, their address, and any allergy and medication information for their pets. Owner’s can also choose to hide their information whenever they like, only choosing to share it if their pet goes missing.

What is a Crumb tag?

Crumb tag is an intelligent pet ID tag which links to a pet profile via a scannable QR code. When someone scans your pet’s Crumb tag, they’re shown the owner’s contact information and can instantly notify the owner of their exact location.