Baskerville Muzzle XL Bully

Baskerville XL Bully Muzzle
Baskerville Muzzle Key Features
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Baskerville Muzzle Guide

A durable, lightweight dog muzzle suitable for XL bullies and other large breeds with blocky heads, including Mastiffs, Great Danes, Rottweilers and others.


Key Features:

  • Adjustable straps around the chin and head.
  • Padded sides to avoid chaffing.
  • Lightweight design created for comfort.
  • Synthetic rubber and plastic materials are allergy-safe and easy to clean.
  • Large size suitable for XL Bullies and large breeds.


If you’re new to muzzles, then this lightweight, easy-to-use Baskerville model is the perfect starting point.


The dimensions are ‎10 cm/ 4 inches in length and 42 cm/ 16.5 inches around. The weight is approximately 257 Grams, making this a lightweight model that your dog will barely notice.


When wearing a muzzle, dogs need to be able to drink, pant and yawn, so it’s important that you get the right size.


If the muzzle is the correct size, then your dog will be able to wear it for long periods, as they can yawn, pant, drink, take treats and even, if needed, be sick in the muzzle.


To ensure you buy the right size muzzle for your American Bully or other large breed of dog, measure down the length of their nose. Put the tape between the eyes to the end of the nose, which is the length of their muzzle. You should allow an extra few centimetres to prevent the end of the muzzle from touching the tip of your dog’s nose.


When considering the circumference of the muzzle, you need to measure down the side of the face, holding the tape at the top park of where the eyes meet the nose. You then need to add several centimetres to ensure your dog has enough pant room.


To see how wide the muzzle needs to be, hold the tape at the front of the dog’s face, measuring the width between each cheek.


It’s important to remember that this muzzle comes with an adjustable strap, so if the measurements aren’t exactly correct, you can resize the muzzle to create the perfect fit. If your dog seems to be between sizes, then it’s best if you order the larger muzzle to ensure they definitely have enough room.

Muzzles are important for XL Bully owners in the UK because from the 1st of February 2024, it will be illegal in England and Wales to own this breed of dog without an exemption, and you will need to keep your dog muzzled when in public places to comply with the law.


However, it’s not just banned dog breeds that need muzzles. Some other reasons to muzzle train your dog include:


Vets Visits: Many dogs don’t like going to the vet and can become distressed during the examination. Getting your dog used to wearing a muzzle will mean that on the day of their appointment, they will feel safe in it.


Grooming Appointments: Similar to visiting the vet, some dogs can get nervous when being groomed. If your dog urgently needs their nails clipped or a quick bath, then you should have a muzzle handy to stop them from lashing out in distress.


Stop People Approaching You: If your dog is anxious and needs space, then a muzzle is a good visual indication for when you’re out and about in public.


Bite Risks: If your dog is a bite risk during certain situations, such as meeting new dogs or travelling, then muzzling them can help you keep them and everyone around you safe.


Reduce Scavenging: Some dogs will eat anything! If yours keeps picking up unwanted objects, like discarded food and litter, then a muzzle can reduce this. This model still allows dogs to eat through the muzzle, but it will slow them down and give you time to remove items from their mouth. For an anti-scavenging dog muzzle, click here.


Even if your dog has no history of biting or aggression, it’s important that you keep them and those around you safe. As such, we recommend every dog owner muzzle trains their pet, so if they do need to wear a muzzle for any reason, they’ll already be comfortable with it.


Muzzle training takes time and patience, so it isn’t something you can do overnight. If your dog suddenly develops an issue or needs veterinary treatment that they’re afraid of, then you’ll be prepared.