Superfood Chicken Raw Food for Dogs

Chicken Superfood Raw Dog Food

Wholesome Chicken created with added beneficial Superfoods Spirulina, Turmeric, and Ginger, often discussed for their anti-inflammatory properties. A great meal for older dogs new to eating fresh, raw dog food. Complete and Balanced to Fediaf standards with only pure, natural whole foods.


Chicken with Bone 55%, Beef tripe 15%, Chicken Heart 10%, Beef Trachea 5%, Beef Kidney 2.5%, Beef Liver 2.5%, Butternut Squash 5%, Green Vegetables 3.5%, Blueberry 0.5%, Tumeric 0.3%, Kelp 0.2%, Salmon Oil 0.15%, Wheat Grass 0.15%, Ginger 0.1%, Spirulina 0.06%, Ground Black Powder 0.04%


Moisture 71.5%, Crude Protein 13.6%, Crude Fat 13.5%, Crude Ash 5.24%, Crude Fibre 0.35%

Weight N/A

5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 30kg, 40kg, 50kg

Whilst DPD aim to deliver within 24 hours we cannot guarantee it, The food is good for 48 hours and in some cases longer (weather dependent) so long as the food is firm to touch on arrival it is perfectly safe to refreeze. Our food is manufactured frozen, so refreezing it once providing it is firm to touch, is perfectly safe for dogs.


Minimum order for delivery

Please note the minimum order for delivery is 5kg, we need at least 10 tubs in the box to ensure it is as cold as possible on arrival.

We recommend that you defrost overnight in the fridge; the raw food will last for 4 days this way. Once defrosted, do not refreeze.

£28.00£244.00 - or subscribe and save up to 5%


£28.00£244.00 - or subscribe and save up to 5%


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