80-10-10 Raw Dog Food

For dog lovers who are serious about raw feeding, 80-10-10 is the way to go! Our range of flavours and meats means you can find the perfect raw dog food for your pet. Perfect for fussy pets or elimination diets.

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What Is 80-10-10 Raw Food?

80-10-10 might sound like a complicated name for dog food, but it refers to the ratio of protein (80%), bone (10%), and offal (10%) in our raw food.

Protein makes up the bulk of 80-10-10 raw food because it’s what helps your dog maintain muscle mass and get the energy they need to enjoy their favourite activities. We use only the finest choice cuts of meat in our raw food, so you know your dog is getting tasty meals they’ll love.

Bones are crucial for providing nutrients and minerals, as well as giving your furry friend something to chew on to help naturally keep their teeth clean.

Finally, the offal, or organ meat, including liver and kidney, is used to provide additional vitamins and minerals, such as Iron, Folic Acid, Potassium and many more.

When combined, these ingredients can ensure your pet gets natural nutrients to support their growth and has a healthy diet. Studies show that raw fed dogs are often healthy, happy and have strong immune systems, reducing the chances of illness.

While there is no guarantee, 80-10-10 can be a great solution for many dogs, especially when combined with fruits, vegetables and grains to create a balanced and delicious daily meal.

What Are The Best Additions For A Complete Raw Diet?

80-10-10 dog food isn’t designed to be a complete meal for dogs. It gives them the proteins and minerals they need to grow, but they need added vegetables and grains to give them a balanced diet.

If you’re committed to natural, raw dog food, then you can add some raw vegetables, such as broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, sweetcorn and other greens that are safe for dogs to eat. Fruits such as berries and apples can be added sparingly to provide nutrients without too much sugar.

Grains such as brown rice, quinoa, bulgar or oats can be added to the meal at a rate of approximately 1 ounce per pound of food, making up around 5-6% of the meal.

Raw dog treats can be provided throughout the day to keep your pet stimulated and enhance their natural gnawing instincts. Cold pressed kibbles also make great treats for when you’re on the go.

For anyone who’s looking for complete raw dog food that doesn’t need any additions, try our raw dog food range.

When raw feeding, balance is key. Use our raw dog food calculator to work out the best portion sizes for your dog so they always have the energy they need to live their best life!

Starting Your Dog On 80-10-10

To start feeding your dog 80-10-10, you need to pick the right option from our online shop. That means considering your pet’s age, breed, weight and dietary requirements, such as allergies.

Then, explore our range of different 80-10-10 foods to find the one your dog will love. Currently, we have chicken, beef, duck and wild boar on the menu, but we’re always adding new products to our range so that you can find the right raw dog food for your best friend.

All our raw dog food products are produced using only the finest meats and offal, and we offer free delivery on all our raw food.

80-10-10 is ready to put in the freezer until ready to use and can be thawed in the fridge, so it’s easy to store and serve.

When you’re ready to feed your dog their next meal, fill your dog’s bowl with 80-10-10 and other delicious additions to their diet. In just days, you’ll start to see the benefits of this natural raw dog food.