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Have you considered raw dog food but found the idea of keeping raw meat in your freezer unappetising? Want to upgrade from low-quality dry dog foods but don’t know what the alternative is?

Then you’re in luck! Cold pressed dog food is a revolutionary solution that combines the convenience of dried kibbles with the nutritional value of raw food.

Southend Dog Training has worked with professional canine nutritionists to create recipes for delicious cold pressed meals that every dog will enjoy. The lower temperatures used to create the pellets don’t obliterate the nutrients and natural flavours of the ingredients. As such, cold pressed dry food is an ideal alternative to standard kibbles.

Packed with dried meat and delicious vegetables, our cold pressed dog food is beloved by dogs and their owners worldwide. We’re trusted by everyone from passionate pet owners to working dog handlers, so you know you’re getting the best when you feed your pup SDT’s cold pressed food.

What Is Cold Pressed Dog Food?

Traditionally, most dried dog food is made by heating the ingredients to high temperatures to create crunchy kibbles that can be stored in cupboards and last for months. While these products are ideal for busy pet parents, they don’t give your pet a hearty meal or the nutrients they need to stay fit and healthy. The alternative used to be either make your own dog food, which was time-consuming and expensive or use tinned products that were smelly and didn’t keep well once opened.

As raw food came onto the market, it became the new go-to for many dog owners, but it has its downsides. It often requires freezing, which isn’t ideal for those without much extra space. Also, you have to defrost it before feeding it to your dog, and if you forget, you might not have anything to feed them!

Thankfully, a new solution has arrived that combines the goodness of raw meals with the convenience of dry dog food. The cold pressing method is an innovative alternative to traditional pet food drying techniques, which helps the ingredients retain nutrients and their natural flavour. Using significantly lower temperatures than other dry dog food manufacturers, we’re able to create a pressed food that offers all the benefits of a raw diet in small, bite-sized pieces.

Cold pressed dog food can be stored at room temperature, making it ideal for those with limited storage space or lots of dogs. Our meals use only the finest natural ingredients for a great taste, so even the fussiest of furry friends will love it!

All The Benefits Of Our Raw Food In An Innovative New Format

Everyone here at Southend Dog Training is a big advocate of a raw dog food diet, but we also understand that it’s not appealing or possible for many owners. That’s why we worked hard to find an alternative that would combine the benefits of our delicious raw food with the convenience of dry dog biscuits.

The result is our cold pressed dog food range. Thanks to our extensive research, we’ve managed to use this pioneering process to create tastier food and better nutrition for your dog. We’re proud of our selection of delicious cold pressed meals, which are made with essential nutrients and without chemical additives.

All of our cold pressed dog food products are grain-free and designed to improve your pet’s overall health. Visually, our cold pressed dog food improves their coat and skin. Internally, it can help bolster your dog’s immune system and give them all the vitamins and minerals their bodies require.

As well as benefiting your pet, our cold pressed food is also great for you! We offer affordable dog food that can be delivered in as little as 24 hours (depending on the situation). Our team strive to offer the best level of service and delicious food for your beloved companion.

Some of the benefits of our cold pressed dog food range include:

  • Made at low temperatures to lock in freshness and flavour
  • Designed for all life stages, including puppies and senior dogs
  • Helps reduce bloat by dissolving slowly in your dog’s stomach
  • All the nutritional value of fresh food with the convenience of dry kibbles
  • Grain-free to help settle sensitive stomachs and manage allergies
  • Cost-effective with options starting at £20 a month with subscribe and save
  • A monthly, weekly or bi-weekly subscription format means you never have to worry about running out
  • Loads of delicious flavours to choose from
  • Easy to try out by grabbing a sample pack

Browse our full range of cold pressed dog food today to start seeing the benefits of this revolutionary diet today.

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